Virtual Tours from Hibiya Line

#1. FROM Hibiya LINE Roppongi STATION EXIT 4A.hibiya1

#2. Nojima electronics shop will be on your left.hibiya2

#3. Cafe Almond with the pink awning will be across the street to your right, but don’t go that way.hibiya3[1]

#4. Cross the street straight ahead of you towards the bank and police box (koban).hibiya4[1]

#5. This big screen will be behind you as you cross.hibiya5[1]

#6. At the police box (koban) turn left.hibiya6[1]

#7. Walk down this street.hibiya7[1]

#8. At the alley just ahead, turn right.hibiya8[1]

#9. You will see this parking lot on the corner as you turn.hibiya9[1]

#10. This is the street address just across from the parking lot if you want to confirm it.hibiya10[1]

#11. This will be behind you once you turn.hibiya11[1]

#12. After one block this school will be on your right. Keep going straight.This will be on your left.hibiya12[1]

#13. Go straight through this intersection.hibiya13[1]

#14. This will be on your left.hibiya14[1]

#15. You have arrived!hibiya15[1]

#16. Enter by the front door of the church and go up the stairs immediately on your right as you enter. The meeting room is at the top of the stairs on the third floor in the library.hibiya16[1]